A Happy Ending to the Dating Fairytale

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Dear Internet,

My name is Sabrina. I started this site because I’d been “frogged” one too many times in the online dating world. My frustration had been building for a while and after one particularly disappointing date with someone I’ve affectionately termed “rasta frog” (see artist’s representation here for a better idea of just how bad it was), I decided to give up on the super outdated frog-turned-prince model of love and dating. Um, why should I just be expected to kiss so many frogs in the search for a decent online date? Also, I don’t need a frog-prince to “save” me, thankyouverymuch. I’m an empowered modern woman and that’s how I like it.

But here’s the deal: I still want to date people and, who knows, maybe even some of the gushy fall in love stuff? So I decided to start this community and to dedicate SoManyFrogs.com to all the liberated modern people who want to find a way to do this whole online dating thing in a way that actually works. I’ll share some rad dating sites with you guys, rep some men and women in the dating field whose message is on point, and more than anything else, will try to create a space for frustrated daters to share experiences, thoughts and suggestions around online dating. Let’s put the frog-prince fairytale to bed, people. There are better narratives out there for all of us!

Please feel free to share your stories, feelings and feedback in the comments section of any post.

Sabrina xo

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