Why So Many Frogs?

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve had a couple bad dating experiences. Welcome in from the storm, weary traveler. You are among friends. We built this little oasis of calm for all of you disheartened internet daters and/or modern feminists (no matter what your gender identification might be). SoManyFrogs.com is a place to share, regroup and find a way to online date that actually works.

So, if you’re both tired of “kissing frogs” and over the whole I-need-a-prince-to-save-me paradigm, I’m happy to tell you that this is exactly the right place. We are here to listen and hopefully also to help.

We want to invite you to share your dating horror (or success) stories, your favorite dating sites, any dating tips that are working for you, and any other dating-related resources you want the rest of our cadre to know about. We’re here to help (but not rescue) and build some community while we’re at it! We are committed to collaborative content, so please send us a message if you have a lot to say and want to be a guest blogger.

Otherwise, join the convo by sending us feedback or leaving your two cents in the comments section 😉


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